Coding and Data Management Working Group

I founded a working group to help social scientists share practical tips about coding and data management. The working group is every other Friday this Fall semester from 12-1 pm. 
The schedule is as follows:
September 6th: Using R and Python with Stata by Charles Seguin
September 20th: Egen and collapse by Jennifer Van Hook
October 4th: Putexcel: Make Stata make your tables for you by Anne Morse
October 18th: Introduction to Mata by Ashton Verdery
November 1st: Advanced imputation tips and tricks by Rebecca Bucci and Ted Greenfelder
November 15th: Intro to Git by Scott Yabiku
December 6th: Loops, locals and globals by Jonathan Daw

The event is co-sponsored by the Penn State Department of Sociology and Criminology and by the Population Research Institute, and the events are streamed live on the Population Research Institute's Facebook page. You can view the videos from past working groups below. You can also access all files from the Google Drive folder. 

Special thank you to Marco Faytong, Jane Lankes and Russel Houtz for all your help!

Using R and Python with Stata
Dr. Charles Seguin kicks off the working group and shares his experience as with integrating R and Python within Stata. 
Access his do file example here on Google Drive.
Egen and collapse
We experienced some technical difficulties this working group, but Dr. Jennifer Van Hook teaches how to use the Stata commands egen and collapse! 
Access her do file, data set, and handout here on Google Drive.
I (Anne Morse) walk through how to use putexcel to make Stata make your tables for you. 
Access the power point and do file here on Google Drive. 
Introduction to Mata​
Ashton Verdery walks us through the basics of the Mata, Stata's matrix programming language.
Access the power point and do file here on Google Drive. 
Advanced Imputation Tips and Tricks
Rebecca Bucci and Theodore Greenfelder show us the logic behind imputation and impart their hard-earned wisdom on dealing with imputed data. 
Access their power point and do file here on Google Drive.
Intro to Git
Scott Yabiku eases us into Git with an introduction tailored for demographers.
Unfortunately, we experienced technical difficulties, but the video has the audio from the talk, and you can follow along with his power point here on Google Drive.
Loops, locals and globals
Loops and locals and globals, oh my! JD Daw teaches us the fundamentals and where to go from there. 
You can view his power point and do files with practice code here on Google Drive.